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To appreciate the existing supporters from my-realproperty1 & I created this level of membership.

The group (LPPEP WhatsApp Group) was started on Jan 29th 2015. As of Jun 11, 2017, the subscription for the private blog of has exceeded limit set by Blogger. Now (Sep, 2018) the group has grown to 165 persons, hence I had but to migrate to a larger and more professional WordPress webpublishing system.

The original intention of my work in Q&A for Estate Agent Examination was to study and pass the Estate Agent Examination (EA Exam). However, I discovered that many people need some form of study reference. Indeed, you can do so by attending colleges but as I know, there is no single online portal which has the collection of the entire examination. Therefore, with limited knowledge I tried to offer my own work for reference. Many of the material I used are from the public domain.

This brings us to the core purpose of this online resource: to pass the LPPEP* EA Exam, by the practical and cost effective manner. Indeed, most of us are working adult and busy with family duties.

LIFE membership is to honour your support for my work from the old Blogger system. The old blogspot blogs will NO MORE be maintained. However, those in the Part 1 (Blogger) are given unlimited access for the same material in this current website. So, there is no discontinuation in your studies.

Welcome to! You can login by using your email address and the password I have emailed to you earlier on.

Thank you.

Thomas Sim

*The Board has changed its name to Lembaga Penilai, Pentaksir, Ejen & Pengurus Harta Tanah, Malaysia - in Jan, 2018