Part 2

Part 2 of LPPEP Estate Agent Examination

This part has 6 subjects:

  1. Land Economics - D07
  2. Estate Agency Law - D08
  3. Principles of Valuation - D09
  4. Law Relating to Properties - D10
  5. Real Estate Agency Practice - D11
  6. Building Technology II - D012

When you have completed Part 2, you would need to go through the 2 years* of practical experience - which is called the Probation Period.

During this probation, you will be called a Probational Estate Agent (PEA).

The Board will schedule a time for the Test of Professional Competence (TPC) interview after you have fulfilled the requirement of PEA. Only after having passed the TPC interview that a PEA is qualified to be a "Registered Estate Agent" (REA).

A REA is a professionally qualified Real Estate Agent and be given the Authority to Practice under the Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Act, 1981 (as amended).

* This 2 years can be shortened to 1 year if the candidate is already a registered valuer under the Board.

Please check the Lembaga website ( for further information.