Testimonials from Users

Clement Toh, REN19930

7/Mar/2019 (Official Result Slip received)

There are no tutorials / institutions in Kuching for the Board exams so we have virtually no support. I am a practicing full time negotiator and had to cram all 6 subjects 3 months before the exams. I was fortunate to meet Thomas by chance and get to know about estateagentexam.com. His materials are neatly presented and helped a great deal in my revisions. If you’re like me and aim to pass the exams with the least amount of time spent on books, I highly recommend you subscribe to this resource as additional support (but not the one and only!). Thomas is passionate about sharing his material and research and I hope it will help others the way it has helped me. I passed all 6 papers in Part 2 of the exams on my first try, thanks to the support I had from estateagentexam.com